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Specialized Exercise Plans Provided by a Chatsworth Chiropractor

It's so true that no two people are the same. Each one of our patients is truly unique, even though they all have one thing in common - they want to live a healthier life without invasive or harmful procedures or medications. That's where we come into play. At California Chiropractic, serving Chatsworth and the surrounding area, we tailor exercise plans based on your health and particular needs.

Definition of a Specialized Exercise Plan

A specialize exercise plan is one that's catered to your specific needs. We evaluate your health, medical history and condition. We inquire about any symptoms you're experiencing. Based on the information you provide, we use our own customized algorithm to devise an exercise plan specific to your needs. We may need to alter our original course of action as your treatment continues, depending on your healing process. We educate you on our expectations and give you the ability to express your opinion, so we know we're on the same level when it comes to your health. We want to know what you want to accomplish out of your sessions with an expert from our Chatsworth chiropractic clinic.

Our specialized exercise plan will consist of exercises that gently work the injured area. We believe you should never have pain when you're trying to reduce your pain and discomfort and heal. As you heal, the exercises you'll perform will increase in difficulty gradually over time. The progression of your exercise plan is carefully monitored by our Chatsworth chiropractor. For instance, if you have neck pain or back pain, our chiropractor may recommend you undergo routine adjustments and perform certain stretches. The exercises start out easy to get these areas moving. As you continue to stretch and strengthen the muscles, the difficulty of the exercises will increase.

Benefits of a Specialized Exercise Plan

The goal of a specialized exercise plan for neck pain or back pain is to alleviate pain not cause you more. That's why our chiropractor makes sure every exercise implemented into your regimen is safe for you based on any prior surgeries or injuries. Additionally, an expert at our Chatsworth chiropractic clinic makes sure the exercises increase at your pace because no two cases are alike. We want to relieve your pain not cause you additional pain or stress due to exercises that are uncomfortable or difficult to perform.

Types of Specialized Exercise Plans

Our specialized exercise plans are for people who have neck pain, back pain or various other types of musculoskeletal pain as a result of a strain, sprain or overusage. Our Chatsworth chiropractor also utilizes specialized exercise plans for patients who have various types of chronic disease such as degenerative disc disease or arthritis. We also help those who want to improve their sports performance or wish to lose weight naturally.

To see our chiropractor to receive a specialized exercise plan designed entirely with you in mind, contact California Chiropractic, serving Chatsworth and the surrounding region, by calling 844-875-1811 to schedule an appointment.

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